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I discuss illegal aliens getting away with murder in California and committing murder is Texas. I give some advice to Republicans (not that they will listen to me). I discuss the lack of free speech in our public schools. I also offer commentary and present a theory about Robert Mueller and his quest to destroy President Trump.

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Student Beaten and Hospitalized for Opposing Gun Control Walkouts

School administrators and teachers across the country dutifully followed the lead of Democrat-affiliated left-wing groups and encouraged, if not required, students to participate in anti-Second Amendment gun control rallies. Predictably, many incidents of violence have taken place…

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Another Reason to Hate Lawyers: Michael P. McKeon

In New Milford, Connecticut, the school board was urged to cancel their blatantly-political walkouts by upset parents and a local attorney who had taken up their cause. In response, Michael P. McKeon, the attorney representing the New Milford Public Schools, drafted a letter which only serves to remind people why they hate lawyers.

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Julian Castro: Race-Baiter

Julian Castro, the former HUD Secretary, who nobody would ever have heard of if he was not Hispanic, makes race-baiting the foundation of almost all his politicking.

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Kamala Harris – Stupid Tweets of the Day (3/20/18)

Cornell Students Solve Gun Violence Problem

As we know, college students are smart. I mean really smart. Without exception, they are knowledgeable, worldly and wise beyond their years. And Ivy League students… well, they are far-superior. So many degrees of magnitude above and beyond the average college student are members of the Ivy League, that any attempt at describing their brilliance would be an effort in futility given the limitations of the English language.

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Jim Carrey Attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Now that Jim Carrey’s career is officially in the toilet, he no longer feels the need to refrain from insulting half the American people with his own person brand of obnoxious leftism.

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Students Suspended for Going to Gun Range with Family

Time and again, Leftists demonstrate their contempt for the Constitution. As we saw during last week’s school-sponsored student walkouts, the Leftists who control our public schools believe they are free to violate the constitutional rights of students at will.

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Virtue-Signalling and Gun Control at Elon University

Liberal college students at Elon University in North Carolina are like totally woke about gun violence. These courageous young people left the soothing warmth of their safe spaces and went out in force last week to make a statement. A statement that all of America must hear…

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David Hogg Can’t Get Into College

David Hogg, the nauseatingly arrogant Parkland student who has become a fixture on left-wing cable news networks as a pawn for pushing gun control, is finding it difficult to get into college. He recently posted on his Twitter page that he was rejected by yet another school.

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Senator Begs Congress to Protect Robert Mueller Witch Hunt

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired the corrupt former Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, for his extensive misconduct, if not outright criminal behavior. In the wake of McCabe’s firing, President Trump’s personal lawyer called for the additional firing of Robert Mueller and for his investigation witch hunt to be ended.

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Jeff Flake Considers Presidential Bid

Jeff Flake, the liberal Republican who considers himself to be a champion of conservatism and an heroic American statesmen whose historic significance should secure his place next to George Washington on Mt. Rushmore, is considering a run for President in 2020.

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Student Suspended for Refusing to Participate in Gun Control Walkout

A high school student at Hilliard Davidson High School in Ohio was suspended for refusing to leave class to participate in the left-wing anti-gun walkout coordinated by the school. Jacob Shoemaker says he…

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Teacher Disciplined for Questioning School Walkout

About those totally non-partisan school walkouts. Remember being told that they are not about gun control or politics or Republicans or Democrats? I do, because it was only two days ago and my memory rocks! Anyway, those of us who are not America-hating Leftists knew this was…

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DACA “Dreamer” Murders Store Clerk in Texas

Another DACA “Dreamer” has allegedly murdered another innocent American citizen. He is wanted for murdering a convenience store clerk in Houston and shooting another man. If current proposals by Congress and the Trump Administration become law, super-special gifts to humanity like this will soon be given blanket amnesty and put on a speedy pathway to citizenship.

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Illegal Alien Gets Away with Murder, Sues U.S. Government

The illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle while she was enjoying a peaceful walk with her father, is now suing the federal government. After getting away with murder (a jury of Democrats acquitted him because Democrats love illegal aliens and hate Americans) Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate is suing…

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Parkland Students to Lecture at HARVARD!

If you are looking for evidence that America is losing its frickin mind, then you will enjoy this. Continuing their personal publicity tour, teenage students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida will be lecturing about gun control at Harvard University. Yes, I’m serious!

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Rod Rosenstein Defends Buddy Robert Mueller’s Witch Hunt

The more time that goes by, the more we learn that the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation is nothing but an attempted political coup. The political establishment will not accept Donald Trump as President and they will do anything to remove him from office.

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