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Gun Confiscation: The Left’s Dream

After every high-profile shooting in America, Leftists immediately, and predictably, begin their calls for gun control. With the measured constraint and careful consideration of Bill Clinton in the Champagne Room at Fuzzy Holes Gentlemen’s Club in Little Rock, they self-righteously and repeatedly demand that we “do something!”

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George Takei Accused of Sexual Assault

George Takei, the extreme left-wing bomb-thrower, and amoral conscience of his cult-like followers on Twitter, has been accused of sexual assault. A former model and actor is accusing Star Trek icon George Takei of sexual assault in 1981.

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Feminist Bakes Vaginal Yeast Bread

Irrefutable Truth: Modern-day feminists are batshit crazy.

As women enjoy the same exact rights and opportunities as men, and in many ways are doing far better than men in American society today, there is no longer any reason for feminism. There is no systemic oppression to fight against, no meaningful goals to achieve. Normal women who are strong and confident have long ago moved on.

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College Encourages Symbolic Stabbing of President Trump

Every Halloween, we see colleges and universities across the country warn students not to wear costumes which might in any conceivable way offend anyone for any reason. In fact, these institutions of higher education (pardon me while I chuckle) encourage students to report one another to the Campus Thought Police for the egregious offense of wearing a costume that someone else doesn’t like.

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What the Hell is a “National Conversation” Anyway?

Leftists are constantly insisting that we have a “national conversation” about issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, slavery, colonialism, white privilege, cultural appropriation, Donald Trump’s use of Twitter, or whatever else they think could help further their argument that Conservatives and other normal people are evil.

I often wonder how a national conversation, about any topic, would actually work. Is there a conference room somewhere big enough to comfortably accommodate all 320 million of us? If so, what would be the structure of the conversation?

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Bill Nye the Failure Guy

Bill Nye the Fraudulent Science Guy recently commented to Salon’s Jeremy Binckes that he is “a failure.” He lamented the fact that despite his best efforts to convince America that a lie is the truth, (ie that we humans have radically changed the climate of the Earth by driving our cars to the grocery store) nobody seems to believe him or think that the problem is so serious that we should destroy our entire economy and way of life.

Poor little guy. He and his fellow left-wing Church of the Environment religious zealots have everything in place that they needed to brainwash the American People…

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Indoctrination 101: Inside The College Bubble

American colleges and universities have become little more than leftist indoctrination camps. Many people understand this, but most fail to realize just how bad it is.

So how does the indoctrination work? Do professors really have that much persuasive power over these ignorant little meat suits? The answer is no, professors are not as influential as we are led to believe. They are a serious problem to be sure, but they are not the only problem.

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