About Mark


For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to provide a brief bio. For the first part of my career, I was a practicing lawyer. With an idealist’s passion, I spent many years as an Assistant District Attorney seeking justice for victims and helping to protect the community by prosecuting serious crimes such as robbery, rape and murder.¬†Following many years as a government employee, I left for private practice, having grown tired of hitting up friends for gas money. After trudging through nearly two decades in the profession that leads nearly all others in suicide and drug addiction, I decided to begin spending more time on something less stressful and a lot more fun… political commentary. I now spend more of my time as a writer, commentator, author, public speaker, and occasional college lecturer on American Government and Constitutional Law.

As a man intensely interested in politics, I saw a huge void in the world of political commentary which needed filling. There is a shocking dearth of commentators and writers, even among Conservatives, who have any idea what the hell they’re talking about, especially when it comes to issues of law, government, political theory, and the Constitution. Also, there isn’t enough mocking sarcasm for my taste. So, here I am, speaking and writing about issues from the perspective of a Constitutional Conservative who both loves his country and fears for its future. My style vacillates between the serious and the sarcastic, depending upon the day, my mood, the topics which pique my interest, and the people who tick me off.

You must be well-informed to appreciate my work. My commentary presupposes a certainly level of intellectual sophistication on the part of the reader, so fair warning, if you are a typical Democrat or a knee-jerk Republican cheerleader, you will likely be frequently triggered into fits of rage. However, if you wish to learn, then bring your sense of humor and an open mind and get ready for some enlightenment. Just accept the fact that I am smarter than you and things will work out fine. Calm down, I’m just kidding.*


*I’m really not kidding.