Vice News Airs Racist Anti-White Video

Vice News released a new video which can only be described as anti-White racist propaganda. The video focuses on “healing retreats” for “women of color.” The retreats are designed for bigoted minority women to get away from “white people.”

Imagine the outcry if the roles were reversed.

Wow, race relations sure are fantastic after 8 years of Barack The Magnificent!

From The Daily Caller:

A new video from Vice News published Friday focuses on a healing retreats for “Women of Color” where participants can go to get away from white people.

The founder says that white people are so destructive that they “shouldn’t even have passports.”

“I have no tips for a white person” she said. “My tip to white people is to let us have our space, let us have our room, and go hang out with other white people. We’re okay. You know, you’ve done enough damage.”

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