School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance Over Transgender Policy

In a sign of the insane times in which we live, an elementary school in Staten Island, New York has cancelled a father-daughter dance over transgender issues. Apparently, the dance runs afoul of the school’s “transgender and Gender Nonconforming Student Guidelines.”

How much more of this crap are you prepared to tolerate, America? We are increasingly living under a far-left authoritarianism which is methodically destroying all the decent things in our society under the guise of “tolerance,” “diversity,” and whatever pseudo-intellectual or pseudo-scientific nonsense happens to be en vogue on any given day.

When stories like this appear, many on the right will say things like “this is why Trump won.” Yes, to a large extent, this is true. However, we cannot expect a president or any other elected politician to put and end to this lunacy. We must, each of us, push back against this in our daily lives. When this crap happens in your community, speak up! Even when it happens in other communities, speak up! Make phone calls, write letters, send emails, spread the news and contact the people responsible on social media, attend school board meetings and speak out, boycott, protest, etc. In other words, get angry and fight back!

By the way, this is not a commentary on transgender individuals. In fact, do transgender kids, assuming there are any at this particular school, not have fathers? Would a transgender girl not like the opportunity to attend a school dance with her father? Also, do transgender kids not already face enough social difficulties without making them the cause for the cancellation of this event? The level of stupidity here is off the charts. But then again, this is what you get when Leftists are in charge.

From Townhall:

A grade school in Staten Island, New York was forced to cancel its annual father-daughter dance because it violated a new school district policy regarding transgender and gender nonconforming student.

The New York Department of Education directed schools to eliminate any gender-based practices like the daddy-daughter dance unless the activities served a clear education purpose, the New York Post first reported.

“If this doesn’t convince you that the PC/SJW movement has lost their minds I don’t know what will,” Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted. “This nonsense really needs to stop.”

The PTA president at PS 65 blamed the cancellation on the district’s new “Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Student Guidelines,” the Post reported.

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