Professor Fired for Not Knowing that Australia is a Country

Southern New Hampshire University has fired an online adjunct professor who was unaware that Australia is a country. This came to light after the professor gave a student a failing grade. Part of the professor’s critique of the student’s work included a statement that Australia is not a country, but a continent. Apparently, this learned academic was unaware that Australia is both.

Outraged by her failing grade, the student, Ashley Arnold of Idaho, complained to the university and to BuzzFeed News! Given the public embarrassment resulting from the BuzzFeed exposure, SNHU fired the professor, gave the student a B+, and refunded her money for the class. Sweet deal for the student!

By the way, given that BuzzFeed and SNHU were so outraged that a professor didn’t know that Australia is a country, I wonder what they would think about a supposed “constitutional scholar” who thinks that America has 58 states.


Source: The Manchester Union Leader

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