Study: Liberals Less Attractive Than Conservatives

This may be the least surprising finding of an academic inquiry in history. A study conducted by professors Rolfe Daus Peterson and Carl Palmar found that Conservatives tend to be significantly more attractive than Liberals. This owes in large part to the fact that Conservatives are also demonstrably more intelligent and successful than those who don pussy hats and demand that other people pay for their birth control for those few occasions in which they find other ugly and desperate people with whom to engage in horrible-to-even-think-about sexual activity. But hey, even ugly Liberals want to have sex. Although, for the good of the country, and the gene pool, I wish they wouldn’t!

From The Independent:

Hot people are more likely to support right-wing parties because they are stronger and more successful than their more liberal peers, apparently.

That’s according to a study carried out by Rolfe Daus Peterson, a political scholar from Susquehanna University and Carl Palmar, assistant professor in politics at Illinois State University.

The researchers claim that never before has the effects of physical attractiveness on politics been examined on this level and that there is “good reason to believe that individuals’ physical attractiveness may alter their political values and worldviews”.

They said that their findings prove attractive people tend to lean towards the right because they have better social skills and are more popular, competent and intelligent due to the “halo effect” – an idea that bias and stereotypes influence the way people judge others.

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