Democrats Shut Down Government, Trump Reacts on Twitter

The House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution on Friday to fully fund the federal government. However, Democrats in the Senate refused to go along, causing the government to partially shut down at midnight on Saturday. Although Republicans hold 51 seats in the Senate, 60 votes are needed to pass a procedural hurdle before a final vote can be taken. As a result, at least 9 Senate Democrats must vote in favor of any budget deal in order for it to pass. They refused.

So, why did the Democrats shut down the government? The answer is as simple as it is anti-American. They are trying to use a government shutdown to force congressional Republicans and President Trump to give permanent amnesty to illegal aliens. In other words, they are cutting off funds that benefit American citizens in order to confer legal protections upon foreign nationals who broke our laws and entered the country illegally. This is the modern Democrat Party.

When Americans break the law, we are prosecuted. When illegal aliens break our laws, Democrats shut down the federal government to give them amnesty.

Following the Democrat shutdown of the federal government, President Trump responded on Twitter.

Mark Pantano is a Constitutional Conservative Writer, lawyer, and political commentator. Author of the short book “Destroying Trump.” His daily podcast, “The Mark Pantano Show” is scheduled to debut February 2018.