Anti-White Racism in Manchester, NH for MLK Day

The city of Manchester, New Hampshire is hosting a City Year event in celebration of MLK Day. Rather than using the occasion of this national holiday to focus on what unites us, the organizers are promoting resentment and division by blaming white people for all of society’s ills.

As part of the event, there are multiple “training” workshops designed to force upon people the anti-white racist propaganda that is now en vogue on college campuses across the country. One such workshop is called “Unpacking Whiteness.” The following description was taken from the Welcoming New Hampshire website:

Unpacking Whiteness, presented by New Hampshire Listens

Ideal for ages 14 and up; 30 of participants

How do I unintentionally benefit from racism? What does it mean to be “white” today? Participants in this workshop will engage in constructive, reflective conversations focused on examining and understanding racial bias, systemic racism, and unpacking whiteness. Racism is not just about individual acts of meanness. It also includes those invisible systems that confer advantages on those people considered white while disadvantaging people of color. These systems are subtle and difficult to unravel and understand. Our ultimate goal is for our community to be a place where everyone can reach their full potential. All are welcome.

Programs such as these are predicated on the racist concept of “White Privilege.” The theory is that every white person is inherently racist, whether they admit it or not, and that they benefit unfairly in society because of their skin color, whether they recognize it or not. Under this formulation, there is no arguing in the alternative. If you deny that you are a racist, then they answer that you are but you just won’t admit it. If you question the notion that you have benefited unfairly because of your race, the answer is that you are either lying or that you just don’t recognize the ways in which you have benefited. There is no discussion. There is no opposing point of view. Any argument against the idea of “White Privilege” is taken as further proof that you are racist.

Even if there is merit to the “White Privilege” argument, one wonders how calling people “inherently racist” or accusing them of “unfairly benefiting” in society because of their race is supposed to improve race relations. Notably absent from all these propaganda programs is any discussion of the ways in which whites are in fact disadvantaged by the the color of their skin. We see institutional racism throughout our society which punishes whites based only on their race. In college admissions, being white is an obvious liability as compared to minority applicants. In applying for a job, being white is often a disadvantage. Most corporations have “diversity” programs designed specifically to hire and promote minority applicants and employees over their white counterparts. But, of course, these things are never discussed in programs such as the one in Manchester, NH.

Fortunately, many people recognize this City Year celebration in Manchester for the racist event that it is, and some are pushing back. The Manchester Union Leader reported a school board member as saying the following:

“I believe the workshops offered in honor of Dr. King are, at best, a terribly misguided attempt to promote diversity and inclusion and, at worst, an insult to the city and citizens of Manchester,” said At Large school board member Rich Girard. “Either way, there is reason to be manifestly displeased, even disgusted by them.”

Of course, Manchester’s newly-elected Democrat mayor Joyce Craig predictably finds nothing wrong with the anti-white racism being promoted.

“I grew up here in Manchester, and I look forward to working hard to make my hometown a better and more welcoming place for all its residents,” Craig said in a statement. “Even though we all come from different backgrounds and varying life experiences, we are all united in our desire to make our city a better place for everyone.”

She described the City Year event as “uplifting, inspirational and family-friendly.”

In my opinion, this constant focus on race is counterproductive at best. Rather than promoting unity, the only thing it succeeds in doing is driving people further apart. Here is what I posted on Twitter yesterday:

I stand by it.


Mark Pantano is a Constitutional Conservative Writer, lawyer, and political commentator. Author of the short book “Destroying Trump.” His daily podcast, “The Mark Pantano Show” is scheduled to debut February 2018.