The Lasting Effects of Democrat Hate

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The following is an excerpt from Destroying Trump – The Left’s Obsession to Take Down the President and What It Means for America:

America is a country deeply divided. At few times in history have our political and cultural divisions ever run so deep. Our regional divisions are obvious. Generally speaking, it is North versus South and the coasts versus the interior of the country. More accurately, the regional divide exists between large urban areas and everywhere else. The people in these respective areas live vastly different lives. Their values are different. Their lifestyles are different. Their politics are virtually incompatible. In many ways, it is as if they are living in completely different societies. The undeniable truth is that things are only getting worse.

Advances in communication technology have helped to exacerbate and accelerate our divisions. We now segregate ourselves by the news and information we consume. No longer stuck with the same few corporate media outlets, we can now get our news from a seemingly infinite number of sources. This has led to our current situation in which many people seek out only information and opinion which reinforces their worldview. More and more, based upon the way we get our news, Americans on the Left and Right cannot even agree on a basic set of facts with respect to almost any issue facing our country. We are increasingly unable to get along because we cannot even have a discussion proceeding from a common understanding of the world. Recently, we have begun to see an increased number of incidents in which our political divisions have led to violence. It seems as if our body politic is sitting precariously upon a powder keg. It needs only the right spark to explode.

Given this context, the Left’s obsession to destroy President Trump is particularly perilous. First, the hyperbolic language and argumentation used by the Left has no effect other than to inflame tensions and further divide people. They offer no legitimate policy-based criticisms of President Trump. Every criticism is simply a personal attack upon his character. Everything he does or says is, according to the Left, the result of his racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry or some other manifestation of hatred or prejudice. The problem with this approach, other than it being patently ridiculous, is that such allegations against Trump are implicitly allegations against his supporters – and his supporters know it.

Every time the Left accuses President Trump of being a racist (or sexist, homophobe, bigot, etc) for holding a certain policy position, they are effectively calling everyone who agrees with that position a racist as well. This tactic does absolutely nothing except anger and alienate Trump supporters even further. Calling people racists, or some other personal slur, does not persuade those people to your position. It only makes them despise you. Furthermore, by constantly accusing Trump supporters of being hateful bigots, the Left convinces themselves that it is true. This only serves to feed their own anger and hatred. With their irrational Trump loathing, the Left is pushing us further and further into a self-reinforcing loop of personal hostility.

This injection of concentrated animus into our politics will have repercussions which will far outlive the Trump Presidency. Donald Trump will not be President forever. What lasting damage will the Left’s hatred for President Trump have caused? Hatred is not easily wiped away. It lingers. It often festers and grows more intense. It will not leave us once Trump is out of office. Make no mistake, the Left’s obsessive hatred for Trump will have a lasting effect on us all.

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