RACISM: Professor Albert Ponce Tells Students to Violate U.S. Laws to Overthrow “White” America

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American colleges and universities are, almost without exception, hotbeds of anti-American hatred and anti-White bigotry. Students are instructed that America is inherently evil since slavery was once legal and because European settlers displaced and killed Native Americans. These historical facts are used to indoctrinate students to believe that American society today is unjust and that our constitutional system must be overthrown and remade with Marxist economic theory and racial class hierarchies as the organizing principles. They seek a country where people are treated, not as individuals, but as members of racial and ethnic groups. Their goal is to empower government to give special privileges and immunities to members of the preferred groups and to penalize and oppress the disfavored groups, primarily Whites.

As just one example, The College Fix has reported on Professor Albert Ponce of Diablo Valley College in California as follows:

A political science professor recently told students they should be “violating” the country’s laws to combat white supremacy, comments that were recorded and have since gone viral.

Diablo Valley College Professor Albert Ponce’s comments were couched in a guest lecture he gave for the school’s “Social Justice Lecture Series.” He is listed as a faculty member at the Northern California community college, located near San Francisco.

In his lecture, “White Supremacy in the U.S.,” Ponce discussed how slaves were controlled by laws in America’s history.

“And that’s the beauty of the law,” Ponce said. “If you can write it, you can convince all others to follow it, just like all of us do today — when we shouldn’t. Many of the laws existing, we should be violating those laws.”


As part of his talk, Ponce stood before a photo of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a portrait of President Andrew Jackson behind the politicians and told his audience: “It is fitting that a white supremacist of old and a white supremacist of today exist and sit — they’re smiling — in the White House.”

“So what can we do, what is to be done,” he asked.

Ponce went on to suggest efforts such as writing lawmakers are futile because “they are part of the system.” He continued that the solution lies in “practicing abolition.” The image behind him, in big red letters next to Trump, stated “the abolition of white democracy.”

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Watch the video of Professor Ponce’s lecture:

Contact Information

Professor Albert Ponce
Faculty – Political Science
Pleasant Hill Campus
(925) 969-2472
Email: aponce@dvc.edu

Diablo Valley College
Pleasant Hill Campus
321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
(925) 685-1230

San Ramon Campus
1690 Watermill Road, San Ramon, CA 94582
(925) 866-1822

College Website: www.DVC.edu

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