DACA Dreamers are Inter-Dimensional Space Aliens, Evidence Suggests

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Mounting evidence suggests that the illegal aliens known as “Dreamers” are not really flesh-and-blood human beings at all. Rather, they are some kind of inter-dimensional space aliens, for they have the ability to live in at least two different worlds simultaneously.

As we all know, illegal aliens live “in the shadows.” They were lured here against their will by evil manipulative Americans and their insatiable hunger for lettuce picked by illiterate foreigners. Somehow however, in ways which seem to contradict the known laws of physics, these shadow-dwelling lettuce pickers are able to project themselves far beyond the confines of their shadow world and into the halls of Congress, fully exposed to the light of day, to make demands upon American citizens and to perform for the TV cameras.

How are they able to do this? Perhaps it has something to do with the recent revelation that the Pentagon has been secretly studying UFOs. Could these illegal aliens actually be some sort of extra-terrestrial space aliens? That could explain why, time and again, they reappear in the United States just hours after being deported. I don’t know. I have no answers, only questions.

From The Washington Times:

Illegal immigrant Dreamers said they have been betrayed by Democratic leaders who failed to force a government shutdown showdown this week over demands to pass a legalization bill by the end of the year.

Congressional leaders signaled Wednesday that they will revisit the immigration issue early next year and vowed to complete legislation in January.

That wasn’t cutting it for Dreamers, who had set a year-end deadline and then watched in dismay as Democrats stumbled to deliver on it.

Hundreds of Dreamers, some risking arrest, took to the hallways in Congress to march and conduct lie-downs in office corridors to complain that they have been forgotten.

“We want Dream Act,” protesters chanted. They were referring to a bill that would grant tentative legal status to more than 2 million illegal immigrants and allow 1.7 million of them to earn green cards signifying permanent legal presence, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

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