Anti-White Racism at University of Michigan

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American colleges and universities are among the most racist institutions in country. It would be difficult to identify any place in respectable society more obsessed with the color of people’s skin than the average college campus. The racism is directed mainly against one group: Whites. To be sure, other racial groups are on the receiving end of college racism as well. For example, Harvard University is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for flagrantly discriminating against Asian students in their admissions process. However, beyond the admissions process, the culture of most colleges have become dominated by an insidious form of racism which targets Whites in particular.¬†Under the guise of “diversity,” “tolerance,” and “social justice,” Whites are identified as the root cause of most of society’s ills. As a group, Whites are held up for scorn by professors and administrators and White students are told they must admit the unfair privilege that they enjoy by virtue of their skin color. The only way for them to atone for their crime of being White is to identify their advantage and become committed to the cause of far-left social justice activism. You may have heard of this referred to by its faux-intellectual term “White Privilege.”

Colleges routinely inject this racist White privilege propaganda into all manner of official school events beyond the classroom. And this propaganda is not just directed at students, faculty and staff are also targeted. One such example was recently held at the University of Michigan. As part of their annual Student Life Professional Development Conference, White staff members had the honor of paying to attend a workshop in which they were instructed how to identity their White privilege and steps they can take to make amends for their skin color. That leftist attendees are no-doubt too stupid to realize that they are the victims of racism makes events like this no less racist.

Here is screenshot from the school’s website giving information about the conference.

Source: The College Fix

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