Flynn Deal Shows Mueller’s Weakness

Contrary to conventional wisdom among the talking heads in Washington and the endless parade of professional speculators on cable news who seem to know very little about the actual subject matter they are brought on to discuss, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz opined that the Michael Flynn plea deal is not evidence of the strength of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s case against President Trump, but rather is evidence of its weakness.

Appearing on Saturday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel, Dershowitz said the following:

Well, the last thing any prosecutor wants to do is to have to indict his primary witness for lying. Because if you indict your witness for lying, it really means he’s not useful as a witness, he has no credibility. I’m sure the prosecutor was trying to indict him for some scheme or conspiracy that involved other people in the White House, but there is nothing there, and he had to, finally come down and indict him for lying, which makes him a useless witness. So, this is not a show of strength by the prosecutor. It’s a show of weakness. It’s a show that they really have nothing on anybody above of Flynn and that Flynn made the terrible mistake about lying about something he could have told truth about. Because the two things he lied about were perfectly lawful and perfectly proper for somebody to do during the transition. And so, I think it really reflects a weakness, not a strength in Mueller’s prosecution.


Source: Breitbart

Mark Pantano is a Constitutional Conservative Writer, lawyer, and political commentator. Author of the short book “Destroying Trump.” His daily podcast, “The Mark Pantano Show” is scheduled to debut February 2018.