What the Hell is a “National Conversation” Anyway?

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Leftists are constantly insisting that we have a “national conversation” about issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, slavery, colonialism, white privilege, cultural appropriation, Donald Trump’s use of Twitter, or whatever else they think could help further their argument that Conservatives and other normal people are evil.

I often wonder how a national conversation, about any topic, would actually work. Is there a conference room somewhere big enough to comfortably accommodate all 320 million of us? If so, what would be the structure of the conversation? Would each of us be allotted a certain amount of time to speak? What if we are interrupted? Will our time be credited back to us, or would we just be screwed? And how about the order of speakers? How do we choose who gets to go first, second, third, and so forth? I have been to enough conferences to know that the first speakers are the ones to whom most people actually pay attention. I would imagine that in our national conversation, people will start to tune out after the first 50 million or so. That seems terribly unfair to the remaining 270 million people who wish to have their ideas taken seriously. And what about discussion topics? Will each conversation be devoted to a particular topic, or will it be anything goes? Would it not disrupt the flow and defeat the purpose of a conversation if Colin Kaepernick’s super-persuasive commentary about how the police like totally suck is followed by Avery the Millennial whining about how the water temperature in the olympic-sized swimming pool at Pampered Brat University was only 84 degrees during open swim yesterday afternoon?

I could spend all day writing down my legitimate questions about the practicality of having a national conversation. But I really shouldn’t waste my time. Leftists don’t really want to have a “national conversation” about anything, because the other side would actually get to speak and easily shoot down their stupid cliches. No, they just want to incessantly call for one as a way of implying that we normal people are ignorant fools who are wholly unaware of the issues that Leftists think are more important than all others. In truth, it is not that we are unaware, it is that we don’t agree with their opinions or their anti-American prescriptions to remedy every made-up societal ill they were taught about in their White Men are All Rapists class. And, of course, a national conversation with Leftists is only allowed to be one-way. The only opinions that are a legitimate part of the conversation are their opinions, which of course the rest of us are not allowed to question. Rather than actually converse honestly, the Left just wants to scream about the need for a national conversation until we accept their position in order to shut them up. Sorry, count me out of that conversation!

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