Indoctrination 101: Inside The College Bubble

American colleges and universities have become little more than leftist indoctrination camps. Many people understand this, but most fail to realize just how bad it is.

So how does the indoctrination work? Do professors really have that much persuasive power over these ignorant little meat suits? The answer is no, professors are not as influential as we are led to believe. They are a serious problem to be sure, but they are not the only problem.

When you raise the issue of the far-left bent of higher education, most normal-thinking Americans roll their eyes in agreement and offer a comment about “liberal professors.” What most people fail to understand is that the professors are the least of the problem. True, most professors are hardcore Leftists, and many use their classes to push their personal politics on students, regardless of the subject matter. (If you think students will be spared from hearing “Republicans are Nazis” in their Organic Chemistry class, then you are badly mistaken.) However, most students don’t pay attention in class anyway, so their English Literature professor’s ever-so-persuasive lecture on the benefits of a single-payer socialized healthcare system will be lost on them. Even if they do pay attention because they forgot to charge their iPhone and because the cops busted up the keg party the night before so they actually went to sleep before 3:00 a.m. and are thus well-rested, the truth is that these students only spend about 3 hours per week for 4 months in any particular class.

What has far more mind-altering influence on students is the crushingly overwhelming Leftist culture of the typical undergraduate residential campus. There is no escaping it. It is everywhere. And it is pushed constantly by college administrators outside of the classroom.

Indoctrination by the Administrative Overlords begins the moment they step on to campus. Every new student must go through an “orientation program.” These orientations convey some important information; student services offered and how to access them, getting your school ID, dining hall hours, how to join clubs and participate in rec sports, upcoming events and other things that actually make sense. However, these orientations are also used to get students’ minds right. After all, they are leaving the world of normal people and entering The Bubble.

The rules of normal society do not necessarily apply inside The Bubble, and The Bubble has many rules of its own. The rules of The Bubble are designed to control not just students’ behavior, but also their thoughts. There is also a class hierarchy within The Bubble. Certain classes of people are more important, and have greater inherent value than others based upon characteristics such as skin color, genitalia, sexual orientation and with which of the 97 school-recognized genders students choose to identify themselves on any particular day. The preferred classes of students are given power over the others. They are empowered to dictate what other students, and even faculty and staff, may or may not do by claiming that certain things are “offensive” to them. Once a member of a preferred class claims offended status, they are empowered to dictate changes to remedy the damage caused to their delicate sensibilities. It is in this way that they wield their given power.

There are also thuggish enforcement officials inside The Bubble whose job it is to find students who act, speak, or think in ways which can be said to violate the prevailing and ever-changing groupthink that all campus members are required to embrace. Armed with their vaguely-worded “code of conduct,” these enforcement thugs, with Orwellian names such as “Bias Response Teams,” spend their time waiting to stamp-out any unapproved expression of independent thought and to crush the offending thought-criminals. That an alleged “bias incident” is merely an innocent mistake or misunderstanding is not a defense for the accused inside The Bubble. May God save the unfortunate soul who innocently refers to the act of sitting cross-legged on the ground as “Indian style,” the one who is seen entering a KFC on MLK Day, the one who says “God bless you” to an atheist who sneezed in class, the one who refers to a female professor as “she” when her preferred pronoun for the day is “Xi,” or the one who accidentally drops a shoe lace in the hallway which is then interpreted as being a noose meant to intimidate and harass Black students, as recently happened at Michigan State University.

Indeed, almost every aspect of a student’s life is subject to regulation inside The Bubble. Interactions between students are controlled by a litany of strictly-enforced Bubble rules. Even intimate encounters between students are subject to the school’s regulation. Many campuses have official “Affirmative Consent” policies that prescribe the only institution-approved manner in which amorous physical interplay may ensue. There is virtually no area of a student’s life over which the student has control. They may exercise their own free will, but only if their free will comports with the dictates of The Bubble. If not, then their free will must be crushed. After all, the rules of The Bubble must be followed.

Students must learn these rules, and they must learn their place. Only students who submit themselves to The Bubble are allowed to stay. Students that resist will be beaten down and forced into compliance by the student conduct process, or they will be expelled. Nearly all will eventually comply because, as we are told constantly in modern American society, a person’s life is worthless without a college degree. So students do what they must in order to get their degree and have their lives validated. They submit. They comply. They become part of The Bubble. After 4+ years of submission they will no longer be independent, free-thinking people (to the extent they ever were). Rather, they will have become creepy little Bubble Drones. They will be fully-indoctrinated automatons. They will leave college having become fully infected by The Bubble. They will be set loose upon the real world to infect the rest of us.

Mark Pantano is a Constitutional Conservative Writer, lawyer, and political commentator. Author of the short book “Destroying Trump.” His daily podcast, “The Mark Pantano Show” is scheduled to debut February 2018.