College Leftists Ruin Halloween

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American colleges and universities have become little more than leftist indoctrination camps. Many Normal Americans (to borrow a phrase from Kurt Schlichter) understand this, but most fail to realize just how bad it is. When you raise with people the issue of the far-left bent of higher education, most Normals roll their eyes in agreement and offer a comment about “liberal professors.” What most people fail to understand is that the professors are the least of the problem. True, most professors are hardcore Leftists, and many use their classes to push their personal politics on students, regardless of the subject matter. (If you think students will be spared from hearing “Republicans are Nazis” in their Organic Chemistry class, you are badly mistaken.) However, most students don’t pay attention in class anyway, so their English Literature professor’s ever-so-persuasive lecture on the benefits of a single-payer socialized healthcare system will be lost on them. Even if they do pay attention because they forgot to charge their iPhone and because the cops busted up the keg party the night before so they actually went to sleep before 3:00 a.m. and are thus well-rested, the truth is that these students only spend about 3 hours per week for 4 months in any particular class.

What has far more mind-altering influence on students is the crushingly overwhelming Leftist culture of the typical undergraduate residential campus. There is no escaping it. It is everywhere. And it is pushed constantly by college administrators outside of the classroom. A recent example comes from the University of Southern Indiana. The department of Housing and Residential Life took the occasion of Halloween to push upon students the leftist concept of “cultural appropriation.” They recently hosted a workshop to lecture students about Halloween costumes. Specifically, which costumes would meet with the Administrative Overlords’ approval, and which costumes would lead to you being branded a “racist,” and thus subject to persecution by the school’s Bias Response Team.

This from The College Fix:

By the numbers, a “Culture not Costumes” Halloween workshop hosted at the University of Southern Indiana on Tuesday painted a pretty grim picture of the ridiculous influence that political correctness has achieved on college campuses.

A student tolerated the event, hosted by Housing and Residence Life, so The College Fix could get a glimpse into what it is to achieve extreme wokeness.

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To be sure, using Halloween to push the “You White People Better Not Even Think About Another Culture” dictate of the “cultural appropriation” dogmatists is not confined to one school in Indiana. This is happening almost everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. Here are just a few other schools where this has recently been reported:

Ok, there are many more colleges to add to this list, but I’m getting tired. You get the point, this is happening everywhere!

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